Things To Consider When Using A Free Webhost

Placing a website on the Internet is a venture more and more people are doing these days. Individuals and businesses are trying to place websites, blogs, ecommerce sites and a whole range of other content on the Web. There is no denying that the Internet has become a popular place to post ideas, thoughts and business plans. To make that a reality, however, the content has to be placed with a web hosting provider. This is a business that will host the content on their server that is connected to the Internet for a recurring fee. There are also options for a free webhost for people who do not want to invest in paid webhosting to start. But, careful consideration should be made before using them.

One of the big things to understand with using a free webhost is what is in it for them. Running a web hosting company, whether paid or free, costs that company to maintain it. They will need to buy or rent servers, maintain the equipment and a myriad of other things. So, they will need to receive some form of compensation. Paid hosting companies like InMotion Hosting receive their return on the amount monthly subscribers pay them. However, a free webhost has a different revenue model. One of the main revenue streams they use is by placing ads on your website. These ads can be in the form of banner ads that are pretty intrusive to your visitors, or they can be more subtle text ads. They make money on how many times the ads are displayed or clicked on. But, they are leveraging the sheer volume of clients using their free service.

Another knock on using free webhosting is that they are typically limited in what they offer. Many will not offer any kind of FTP access, for example. So, uploading a website you have created or had created can be more difficult. You may even have to just use a canned template they have to create a website around. They may, also not offer the ability to host dynamic content like Flash images. You can usually find this out when signing up for the account. There are even websites that will rate free webhosts and list all their features.

Despite their shortcomings, free webhosts still have their place. They are probably best suited for individuals without much to lose. Free webhosts also have a tendency to close their doors pretty regularly. So, it is a good idea to back up your files often in the event one day your site is suddenly not available.

Using a free webhost is something that should be considered for those looking into to beginning web creation or hobbyists. It can be a good platform for people to get their ideas out on the web for other people to read. It may not be the best option for a business or commercial entity, but may work for some small businesses or home businesses. Just make sure that your files are regularly backed up, and you are prepared to move in a hurry if need be.

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