InMotion Hosting Review 2017

InMotion Hosting Review 2017 – InMotion Hosting provides a standard web hosting service. In reviewing the best web hosting sites a number of criteria are selected which represent the features and services that are most likely to determine how good a service is. In our Inmotion hosting review for 2017, this company did not lead in any of the categories. While you will be able to get a service that gets your site or websites running and functional, you will not be getting extensive features or ground-breaking offerings.

The customer service and support is one of the areas where they do well – but no better than the leading companies in the sector. While there are a large number of plans to choose from, this is probably one instance where choice is not necessarily a good thing. We have reviewed the various areas below.

Hosting Space, Domains & Bandwidth

When reading Inmotion Hosting review 2017, it is an idea to keep in mind that they have a large number of plans which offer different options and features. In total there are about 3 different hosting packages, which will offer limited and unlimited plans. The lowest and the medium package offer a very limited addon domains from 2 to 6. However, all of them have unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

In order to get the benefits of unlimited hosting you have to sign up for the PRO plan. The web hosting service does offer a consolation of choice between Linux and Windows hosting which will be seen as significant by those who are well versed in hosting.

Ease of Use

If you are after a service that is intuitive, easy to use and requires minimal effort for familiarisation and mastery, InMotion Hosting is probably not web hosting service that will do this for you. While you will not find this the most difficult web hosting service to use, if you are a novice, you may well struggle. If you are a proficient in using hosting services there is still a learning curve, though not steep.

Other web hosting providers have spent a lot of time and effort in ensuring that what they lack in features or disk space and bandwidth, they make up for by providing a straight forward and easy to use service. This is an area for improvement for Inmotion Hosting. A control panel and website builder is no longer something to shout about unless they are backed up with more premium features.

Customer Service

The best web hosting companies have invested a lot in making sure that 24×7 support 365 days a year is offered as standard. This makes anyone offering any less look distinctly below average. Inmotion hosting have joined the ranks of companies who offer you this high level of support over the phone in particular. The views, opinions, and tips from other users using the same service as you can be as valuable, if not more valuable than just getting someone to remotely fix your issue.

Inmotion hosting have harnessed this power of the user community and offer a comprehensive user forum which has very good insights on how to do most things and resolve most of the common issues. Tutorials are also available as standard and there are a lot more resources available to ensure a seamless service.

Conclusion For InMotion Hosting Review 2017

Apart from the customer service and the vast array of support material for which Inmotion Hosting rates very highly, it is fair to say that there is room for improvement with the price plans and the associated features across the range of plans available. You may want the Value plan which is effectively the budget plan but it is not promoted much on their site – and though affordable, may not represent value for money as the competition may be more expensive but offer much better features.

You may want the business plans but could be put off as an individual user under the mistaken impression that it is only suited to larger businesses. Even the business plan has to be signed up to at the top tier in order to get the unlimited bandwith and hosting that others now offer as standard. Bluehost and Hostmonster have simplified the area of pricing and service provision in a way that Inmotion Hosting could emulate.

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