Free Or Paid Web Host?

Should you choose to host your website for free or should you pay for your hosting service? Anyone who ventures online is confronted with this dilemma. And the fact that your choice of a web host greatly influences your website’s success makes it even more necessary to give some thoughts on your decision. Both ends of the coin presents a set of pros and cons to consider. Here goes:

Free Web Hosting

  • Since the hosting service is free, you don’t have to incurr additional costs in keeping your website.
  • Free web hosts do not allow you 100% freedom in managing your website. Some, if not most of them restrict your access to your control panel, limits your bandwidth, set a quota on your space storage etc. This is not good if your website is rapidly growing as it will require more of these features.
  • Some “free webhosts” require ad placement on your website to cover for the expenses in keeping your site, which is ironic because you’re actually paying them indirectly with your website’s income.
  • Most free web hosts do not allow you to use your own domain name so you will have to settle for a subdomain (, which then weakens your brand and ultimately compromises your credibility. What’s worse, is when your website has grown popular that you need to host it yourself and of course use your own domain name. You could be losing valuable traffic
  • Since you are not paying for your hosting service, your host provider can decide to cancel it anytime, which leaves you with the option of losing your website or start paying for their service. Transferring your website to another host could be a daunting task as most of these free host providers do not offer technical support.
  • The worst case scenario is when your free web host decides to shut down. They would probably leave you hanging and uninformed.

Paid Hosting Service

  • It’s paid so it will cost you money.
  • Naturally, paid hosting service would mean you have a binding contract, you know what to expect from your host provider and you are guaranteed service.
  • With a paid hosting service, you will have more freedom in managing your website. This means, you can choose the platform you want to use in your website and you have over-all control of your website.
  • With a paid hosting service, you can register and use your own domain name, which will allow you to build your own brand. Using your own domain name doesn’t only enhances your brand but also improves your website’s credibility.
  • Paid hosting services comes with valuable webmaster tools and resources that you can utilize to maximize the performance of your website.
  • Hosting your own website gives you more flexibility in managing your websites. With a paid hosting, you can choose the services you want to pay for so you don’t really have to pay for services you don’t need. More importantly, a paid hosting service allows you to add features and services as the need arises.
  • Obviously, a paid hosting service is the choice of those who are serious in doing business online.

To choose whether to host your website on a free host or a paid host, you should consider your goals and objectives. These will help you identify which option serves your purpose. A serious entrepreneur who wants to establish his online presence is most certainly not going to host his website on a free host. In the same manner, a blogger who simply needs a space to write down his thoughts and share it to the rest of the world doesn’t have to pay for expensive hosting service just to that.

What are your thoughts? Do you host your site on a free or paid webhost? Why host it for free? Why pay for your hosting service? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment provided below. Thank you for your time.

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