BlueHost Advantage – VPS Protection At Shared Hosting Prices

Since you share a server with other users in a Shared Host, your website is at risk of becoming sluggish once one of your neighbors (the other websites you share the server with) runs a rogue application. It can cause all websites hosted in the same server to temporarily go down or even crash.

Not until today, the only solution has been to shut down the rogue application and then move the customer to a VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server which can be very expensive and hard to maintain. In an effort to provide affordable but quality service, BlueHost has developed its own proprietary solution to resolve this problem and has decided to give it to all to its customers at no additional charge. Here’s a list of what you get as an EXTRA on your Shared Hosting Plan with BlueHost:

  • Protection against abusive users that may intentionally or unintentionally eat up too much CPU, memory, or disk I/O operations.
  • Get the same features previously available to customers with VPS (virtual private server) or dedicated server at the price of a shared hosting. This simply means better security with no added cost.
  • Better up time compared to other shared hosting service providers. With BlueHost, your visitors will be able to go through the pages of your websites without the ups and downs generally associated with every other shared hosting providers.
  • These added features are automatically integrated on your shared hosting plan.
  • 101% free to all BlueHost customers.

With the increased need for online security, these kind of features are helpful. And to think that you can get them at no additional charge is a steal. For these reasons, BlueHost is our chosen hosting company and is one of the best web hosts we highly recommend to everyone.

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